Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
Discovering Genoa, dressed up with brilliant colors and confetti and streamers at Carnival time, spending two nights at the Locanda di Palazzo Cicala, tiny hotel de charme ideally located in the city centre. Carnival is this year dedicated to international cultures and peoples, awaiting the “Biennale del Mediterraneo”.


The Superba gets dressed with masks and brilliant colours, confetti and streamers for the whole month of February over Carnival time, but the day not to be missed is Saturday February 20th, concluding celebration of this "Carnevale dei Popoli". Carnival is this year dedicated to international cultures and peoples awaiting "Biennale del Mediterraneo".

King Carnival and his Courtesan offcially start off the celebrations along the city centre and in the Porto Antico area. It is a wide range of events and concerts and mask competitions and parades, happening simultaneously all over the city. Then why don't wander along the maze of little streets and follow the Carnival parade?

The First Festival of Carnival Song, the Great Competition for Singing Groups, the Carnival for Children; all this and much more along the Porto Antico area. And to follow one of the five itineraries for the masked parades (or what about mixing them up and have even more fun?) along Genoa city centre.

February is still winter season and a breezy wind blows as soon as night falls; then what about looking for safe refuge at the Locanda di Palazzo Cicala for a delicious pot of coffee or of spiced tea, peacefully sitting in the hall overlooking the San Lorenzo Cathedral?

And perhaps you will be still on time to watch (or even to take part in it... Why not?) the mask competition which is to be held at the Locanda di Palazzo Cicala right on Saturday February 20th. The main theme is the "Pascià"... The Locanda di Palazzo Cicala is in search of the dreadful Genoese corsair Sinan Capudàn Pascià or Scipione Cicala! It is still murmured that his ghost still wanders and haunts the Palazzo Cicala when night falls and a terrible wind blows...

The most beautiful mask wins one night stay for 2 at the Locanda di Palazzo Cicala. What about giving free rein then to yuor fantasy and take the risk of being the winners? Rooms available even for those coming from out of town and wishing to get cuddled within the walls of this palazzo so rich of history and charm.

Award and concluding ceremonies for this Carnevale dei Popoli 2010 to follow at the Porto Antico.


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