Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala

The Locanda di Palazzo Cicala is a hotel near Genoa Harbour in Italy, and is a perfect starting point both for those who are in Genoa for leisure and for those who are in town for business.

Genoa Harbour is the main industrial and business seaport in Italy and one of the most active throughout Europe, but is also a high-level leisure destination.  

 Those who look for a hotel near Genoa Harbour for their own stay in town cannot surely miss the numerous attractions offered at the Porto Antico, which was totally conceived and designed for the Colombiadi in 1992.  

It is a sort of heaven on earth for both grown-ups and children, with amenities for every taste. The main attraction is surely the Aquarium, one of the largest in Europe; just nearby the Biosfera, the Bigo (panoramic lift which offers a spectacular view over the city and the harbour itself), Kids' Town (a museum for children), Palazzo San Giorgio (where Genoa Harbour Authority has its Head Office), Galata the Sea Museum and the Antarctica Museum, the Pirates' Vessel, Luzzati Museum, the pedestrian walk down to the Lighthouse La Lanterna (representing Genoa both at home and abroad). Plenty of outdoor cafes and restaurants and places where to spend a dancing night or simply drinking something cool, and a maze of little craft-shops and streets along the arcades of Sottoripa.

However, Genoa Harbour is also an industrial and business seaport and the ferry boat leaving by the Aquarium will take you on a 40-minute tour allowing you to discover Genoa from a particular perspective. It starts from the Cotone Congressi, Genoa meeting centre which accommodates national and international meetings, until you reach the ferry boat port whose main destinations are Sardinia and Corsica. This little hotel near Genoa Harbour is therefore the perfect venue for those leaving by boat. The Lanterna Lighthouse in the distance offers a unique scenery, at its best at sunset.