Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala

Duomo Apartment (Duomo literally means Cathedral) is the only of our apartments to be located within the Palazzo Cicala, hotel near the San Lorenzo Cathedral in Genoa Italy; it is on the 3rd floor of this elegant ancient building, and it faces the San Lorenzo Square and Cathedral.

Its size is simply perfect for those travelling with their family, since it consists of one double-bedded room, one bedroom with 2 single beds with a tiny independent bathroom, bathroom with bath-tub, large living area with cooking facilities on one side and sofa, TV set and computer with free internet access on the other; this area facing the Cathedral.

This palazzo was originally built in the middle of the 16th century by the Cicala Family, who gave birth to important personalities when Genoa was one of the Sea Republics. The palazzo was restored and renovated in the 18th century by the Ferro Family, who decided for an elegant Rococo style. A perfect example of this style is the façade facing Piazza delle Scuole Pie.  

According to local legends, the ghost of Scipione Cicala, a dreadful Genoese pirate, is still wandering along the palazzo corridors and so even along the hall and the rooms and apartments of this beautiful hotel near the San Lorenzo Cathedral in Genoa. 

Useless to say that the Duomo Apartment has a great location both on a practical level and for its breath-taking view and for the intriguing stories and legends surrounding it.

We suggest to treat yourself with something different from the classical hotel room and opt for this little precious gem which allows you to live and breathe the magic atmosphere of past centuries but at the same time guarantees modern technological facilities and the comfort of being in a hotel near the San Lorenzo Cathedral in Genoa. 

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