Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala

The Residence Inn Locanda di Palazzo Cicala is a residence inn located near Genoa Palazzo Ducale in Italy, which is then easily reachable by foot.

The building of Palazzo Ducale was started at the end of the 11th century when the "Repubblica Marinara di Genova" (when Genoa was at the top of its splendour as a seaport republic) was going through a positive time after having just defeated Pisa and Venice. The location chosen for the building of Palazzo Ducale was between the San Lorenzo Cathedral and the San Matteo Church. The name "Ducale" dates back to 1339 when the Palazzo became official seat for the first Genoese "Doge", Simon Boccanegra.

Through the following centuries the Palazzo was gradually enlarged and modified until it became one of the main venues in contemporary Genoa. Nowadays what is particularly interesting is the visit to the Tower and the Prisons, which used to accommodate well-known prisoners such as Sinibaldo Scorza, Pieter Mulier Il Tempesta, Jacopo Ruffini, Domenico Della Chiesa and Giulio Cesare Antonio Vachero.

Then what about leaving the warm and comforting Locanda di Palazzo Cicala, residence inn near Genoa Palazzo Ducale, and visiting one of the main historical attractions in town?

A closer look will show you that Palazzo Ducale is not only an amazingly rich historical Palazzo but it also hosts always brand-new exhibitions and cultural events. Among the most well-known there are surely Dyck, Bernardo Strozzi and the local singer Fabrizio De Andrè. Within its walls you will have a wide choice among art galleries and cafes which are perfect both for a lazy sweet afternoon break, for a typical Italian "aperitivo" and for a dinner with local cuisine; or, why not, being cuddled at the spa.

And Palazzo Ducale is simply the perfect starting point to go and visit the local city museums and the beautiful Palazzos along Via Garibaldi, to spend time shopping along Via XX Settembre and Via Roma and to have a break for local delicatessen. Genoa offers all this and much more to those staying in town both for leisure and for business; range which goes from the museums along Strada Nuova, to national and international fashion brands along Via Roma and Via XX Settembre, to the many restaurants specialized in local cuisine in the city centre.

And when the sun goes down, what about simply walking back to the Palazzo Cicala, residence inn near Genoa Palazzo Ducale?