Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
A very special moment to offer to our loved person and, why not?, to ourselves. A break to leave daily routine behind, and live and breathe Genoa and its royal atmosphere in a palazzo whose greatness can only be experienced and not told. All this and much more is Palazzo Lomellino.

Palazzo Lomellino, a grand palazzo located in Via Garibaldi 7, had been built since 1563 in honor of Nicolosio Lomellino by Gaetano Cantoni and based on a project by Giovanni Battista Castello, called the Bergamasco, with stucco decorations by Marcello Sparzo. The palazzo was later sold to the Centurione family. In 1711 the property passed into the hands of the Pallavicini family, who are to be thanked for the major renovations, in particular on the first and second noble floors and in the garden. In 1865 the palazzo was bought by the city major Andrea Podestà, important politician, urbanist and entrepreneur in the 19th century Genoa.

The documents which still exist today, related to the argument occurred between the Genoese painter Bernardo Strozzi and Centurione (1625), clearly confirm that Bernardo Strozzi painted in three rooms on the first noble floor, whose frescos got hidden by later works through a thick coating of plaster and second ceiling in the main reception room. When it got removed in 2002, below it the Allegoria della Fede, with its vivid colors, came back to life. In the other two rooms, even though in more precarious conditions, the Astrologia and fragments of the Navigazione and Tritoni were found.  

For Valentine's Day, on Tuesday 14/02, the Locanda di Palazzo Cicala is glad to invite you to Palazzo Lomellino, in Via Garibaldi 7, for a Royal Valentine's Day. You will spend the night in this aristocratic mansion, where you will find a fresh fruit bowl and a selection of tiny sweets. Ligurian aperitif at the Locanda di Palazzo Cicala with an amazing view over the San Lorenzo Cathedral, before getting on with the night tour of Genoa.

Breakfast to be served at the apartment, and late check-out at 2 pm.

All this at the total price of 149 Euros. Please do not hesitate to contact us for enquiries and reservations!