Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala

Visiting Genoa , Italy, always guarantees lovely surprises both for those who are in town for the first time and for those who already have been here before. Genoa shows a various range of voices and faces and souls, and, even though it roughly gives the impression of being such a small portion of land enclosed between sea and mountains, and every corner it manages someway to surprise even local people.

The first impact with Genoa is quite surely at the Porto Antico area (with Aquarium, Galata Museum of the Sea and Bigo the panoramic lift) and along Via Garibaldi, even known as Strada Nuova (literally "New Street") with its majestic Rolli palazzos (most of them host the most important city museums). The very heart of the historical centre is Piazza San Lorenzo with its beautiful Cathedral, perfect starting point to the discovery of the city: Palazzo Ducale, always hosting new and interesting exhibitions, and Piazza De Ferrari with Palazzo Ducale and the Carlo Felice Theatre and it is from here that the main shopping streets start.

The city is able to meet the most different interests. Those who come to visit Genoa can first of all put a detailed map into their hands and a nice smile onto their faces and start from the Porto Antico area in case they are travelling with kids, or eventually let be carried away along Via Garibaldi and its museums in case they are keen about art; or even just get lost in the maze of little and narrow streets in the old part of the city, simply looking for a craft-shop or being led by the melodies sung by the local artist Fabrizio De Andrè which can be felt in the air or just discovering little places where you can taste local delicatessen.   

To cut it short, visiting Genoa is not only a day spent at the Aquarium or visiting the Strada Nuova museums; the Superba is much more and those who have been here at least once can confirm and share this thought and keep coming back to find out new and surprising details every time... .